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      2007 Activities

-      Proposed sixth terrestrial radio interface for IMT-2000

-      Proposal evaluated by the CEG: Doc. 8F/1065

-      Proponents self-evaluation: Doc. 8F/1079(Rev.1)

-      IEEE IP-OFDMA Page; CEG Q&A

-      CEG Evaluation Report: Doc. 8F/1189

-      Reference material:

1.     ITU-R Circular Letters: 8/LCCE/153; 8/LCCE/95; 8/LCCE/47

2.     ITU-R Recommendations: M.1225; M.1457

      1998 Activities

1.    1998 Overview of Rec. ITU-R M.1225

2.    1998 Candidate Radio Transmission Technologies (RTTs)

3.    1998 IMT-2000 Proposal Evaluations

4.    1998 CEG Evaluation Report (Document 8-1/119); Full Version

5.    All 1998 evaluation reports